Uninstall Tool 是一款可以用來替代“添加/刪除程序”的工具。它允許您顯示隱藏的安裝程序,按名稱過濾已安裝程序的列表,強行卸載程序,瀏覽注冊表項目,保存安裝程序列表,快速小巧,操作簡便。

  • 使用有效,功能強大且易于使用的Windows應用程序,刪除不需要的軟件,使您的計算機保持干凈甚至更快
  • 卸載向導通過刪除剩余的文件系統和注冊表項來完全刪除不需要的軟件
  • 批量卸載卸載或執行多個選定應用程序的強制刪除
  • 安裝跟蹤器使用實時跟蹤安裝應用程序。查看和記錄創建的文件/注冊表項
  • 啟動管理器查找,添加或刪除Windows啟動時自動啟動的應用程序
  • 強制刪除卸載使用標準卸載程序無法刪除的頑固應用程序
  • 便攜式模式從多臺PC上的USB驅動器運行卸載工具

Fast and Powerful Uninstaller
for Complete Removal of Programs

  • Thorough removal of unwanted apps
  • Real-time installation monitor
  • Control apps that run at system startup
  • Portable, multilingual and beautifully designed

Complete Removal of Unwanted Software
Locate and clean-up leftovers in Registry and File System

  • Perform thorough search for leftovers alt="Uninstall Wizard" />

    Uninstall Wizard is launched:

    • After running the built-in uninstall program in order to clean up all leftovers
    • When performing Force Removal(without running the built-in uninstall program)

    Once Uninstall Wizard finishes scanning, it displays the final window where you can review and opt to unselect any leftover items. Additionally alt="CrystalIDEA Uninstall Tool" />

    Detect and terminate running processes

    When some processes associated with the app to be uninstalled are still running, Uninstall Wizard offers to terminate them for correct removal of the app.

    Detailed removal log

    When Uninstall Wizard finishes its job you can view/save a detailed removal log. Each operation (e.g. attempt to delete a file/folder/registry key or attempt to terminate a process/unregister COM object, etc) is recorded. When an operation fails, corresponding error code and explanation are added to the log.

    Home Page: https://www.crystalidea.com


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