ExtremeCopy Pro 2.3.4 是一款Windows文件復制移動增強軟件,它會根據硬件和系統資源自動優化文件復制和移動速度,可以在拷貝過程中暫停,支持通配符,可以直接使用ExtremeCopy來接管Windows自身的復制移動功能。官方稱它比Windows 自身的復制移動速度快20%到120%,特別是針對大文件較為明顯。


如果安裝后是英文,需要手動切換:Tool – Configuration – Language – 簡體中文 – OK,重啟ExtremeCopy。
ExtremeCopy安裝后默認取代Windows復制功能,你也可以使用Windows原來的復制功能,在要復制到的目標文件夾右擊菜單使用”Windows 粘貼”即可。當然也可以在配置把“作為Windows 默認的文件復制器”前面的鉤去掉恢復Windows自身復制功能為默認。

ExtremeCopy is a Windows file copy tool which is able to copy and/or move your files extremely fast. The usage is simple and similar to Windows Explorer default file copier but it can increase the speed from 20% up to 120% faster than Windows default file copier. ExtremeCopy can integrate itself into your Windows seamlessly as copy tool. If you are interested to learn more about our product, feel free to click here to see more features.

Professional Edition


  • Including All of Features in Standard Edition.All of features of Standard Edition will also works in this edition.
  • Failed File Recovery. It can recored failed file in list for recovery after copy finished so that no need to cancel the entire copy task target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.easersoft.com/


    復制文件增強 ExtremeCopy v2.3.4 Pro x64 x86多語言含簡體中文